Tech is complicated but we keep it SIMPLE.
Tech is complicated but we keep it SIMPLE.
Tech is complicated but we keep it SIMPLE.

Tech is complicated but we keep it SIMPLE.

Solutions which solve customers problem doesn't have to be complicated. We work with your team in-sync, so we don't miss the objectives.

Step 1: Requirement gathering

Why, why this, why that… we ask a ton of questions. Apologies for that. 

Until, we really understand why you’re building the solution, or why the solution which you have built. We don’t proceed to next step. Understand the objective of the project is our ultimate goal. 

If a customer says, I want to build a grocery app. Well, that’s not enough. 

So, here are the questions for you: 

  • How many categories you want to start with?
  • In which area/ zip codes you are targeting?
  • How soon you want to introduce to first few users. 
  • How’s your experience in building tech products?
  • and so on… 

Step 2: Project Analysis & Documentation

Yes, it’s boring stuff but it is super important.

It does not taking much time, but depends on project to project basis. 

Why we do this?
It is unrealistic to build a tech product until its project document is ready which is followed by project manager to align the delivery timelines and development resources. 

Step 3: Agreed, Project Begins

Upon completing all the formalities to ensure dedication from both ends, our team starts working on the project. 

We usually post updates in every 2-3 days, but that depends on client’s preferences

Step 4: Ensuring the Timelines

Most companies don’t give a shit once the project starts as the deal is closed. But, here is the real test of honesty and trust.

We take it very seriously, as we don’t like spoiling relationship with people who have trusted us for the first time.

we keep everything on track using softwares like Jira, Github, Asana, Trello, Slack… If something gets delayed, we put more resources to get it done if there is any mistake from our side

Step 5: Roll it Out

Time to enjoy for you but not for us. As most of the softwares faces the reality when actual users are using it. So, we keep an eye it any upgrades are required to make it better for next 3-6 months.