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Your Tech Development,

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Our team keeps an eye on each and every client relationships. Few stats: 

Avg. response time: 1hr 20 mins
(Yes, we do. Just try it out)

We don’t have a sales team. Yes… it’s awkward.

Because we work with limited clients and long term relationship. So we hardly need to go and find the customer. 

Our Services

Management Software

Built from wireframes to web app, mobile apps. Scaling the software to 10,000 end users.

Software Development
Email Marketing Software (SaaS)

Chatbot and Messaging Software​

Worked with high energy team from concept of Chatbots to serving to 1M+ Users.

Myths about outsourcing software

There are many, 1000 people say 10,000 things about software outsourcing, Mostly advice about not to outsource. But, Let’s see how much you can unlock.

Mobile Applications

Tools We Use