Mobile Mania – Importance of Having a Mobile Website

    We are aware of the facts that mobile market is on the rise in the global market and its reshaping the way we interact with each other. Today mobile traffic makes up 10% of overall global internet market. Yet many businesses do not optimize their website for mobile viewing which leaves the visitor with tricky […]

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    Social Media – New Era of Marketing

    The term ‘Marketing’ has evolved drastically in recent past. One can say that marketing is a way companies interact with the consumer to establish a relationship which is beneficial to both the parties in long run. Earlier different mediums were used by the company to sell their product which included Television, Radio, Newspaper, Big Banners […]

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    Getting into Internet Marketing

    Internet marketing is rather a vague term. Every website is a internet business but each is unique. In this real world Apple Inc and Pizza hut are both a kind of business but you certainly wouldn’t run both the same way. Well at least not for long. Internet marketing is the process of connecting with consumers via […]

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