Online Exam System

    Create and Embed Exams & Quizzes in any Website You can collect contact data and instantly display results. GuruExam System has full unicode support so you can create tests in any language. This is a multi-purpose online exam software that can be used in education, research, contests, competitions, marketing, or to increase users engagement in […]

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    Hidden truths of Unlimited Hosting

    When you are search for a web host for your website and doing research for selecting your web host, you may find that almost all of the web hosts are providing: Unlimited web space Unlimited bandwidth Unlimited domains hosting Unfortunately it’s not possible for a web host to provide unlimited web hosting as every server and data center has limits. […]

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    GuruHost is coming soon

    Greetings from Guru iNfoways! At Guru iNfoways, We would like to keep you up to speed with things and we know that not everyone is checking our website all the time. So we started our blog ( and Newsletter also. But it is a way for us to share the latest news with you and tell […]

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