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    One of the main feature of your website is the content on your website. It makes your website unique and define its quality. Google search algorithm also works on a quality based ranking system, means search engines shows those websites in top results which have original and quality content. Usually need of quality content on website is ignored, copied content does save you time but eventually it kills all objectives of your website. The originality of content defines the quality of your website and makes your website more reliable and trustworthy.

    We will tell you, how you can test the content on your website?

    Is it right for your website?

    Does it reflect the true objective of your website?

    * Do you have original content?

    You should never ignore the importance of unique and original content. Google and other search engines awards you for originality and punishes you for the copied or fake content. The massive change in some websites ranking is a great example in this context, some websites have lost their high ranks due to their fake or copied content, whereas website with original or quality content are coming up on the ladder continuously. So if you have original content, which reflects your ideas and thoughts in an unique way, it will help your website in gaining popularity and it will be featured in top search results. And we all know what difference it can make to your website and your business of course?

    * Your headlines should be strong.

    8 out of 10 people doesn’t read the full content if the headline is weak and not attractive. Headlines should reflect the objective of the following content and it should be strong. A headline should truly be a “head-line” which will attract the reader into reading the full content which will allow you to convey your message or deliver its objective properly. A good headline is as important as article itself.

    * Provide answers to the questions of visitor.

    A website is a great medium to provide information to customers, so it is very important that visitors get answers to their queries. There is no point of content if it doesn’t complete its objective for your business i.e. bringing more business and providing aid to your customers 24X7X365.

    * Accurate facts from right source of information.

    While writing content for your website it is very important that you provide accurate and right facts and the source of information should be reliable and trustworthy. Providing wrong or incomplete information sends a wrong message and take visitors away from your website. This can be devastating for your business.

    * Better your communication with images and videos.

    Images and videos related to your content can help you to make your content more engaging and interesting. Whatever image or video you put on your webpage, it is very important that the visitor can relate the content with the image or video. You should be cautious about the over exposure of images and videos on your webpage as it could lose you visitors.

    * Consistent with update on your website or blog.

    Regular updates on your website or blog keeps your webpage updated. You should put engaging and provoking updates for your visitors so that never got bored,  no matter how many times they are visiting your site. Regular updates will make them feel fresh about your website every time they visit it.