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    Imagine, a workplace where workers are free of stress, they are smiling, happy and eager to finish their tasks with their skills.  How good it can be in terms of productivity and profitability for your business?

    A stress free workplace can encourage employees to tap into the full potential of their human capital. Management can do a lot in creating healthy working environment for employees. Doesn’t have to be anything big, it can start with small things.

    Such as:

    1. Keep your workplace clean and organized

    It is very important to have a clean and organized workplace, because it becomes hard to focus when your desk or office is messed up with papers, phone messages, business cards, magazines and newsletters etc. Storage space can help you to organize your office in such way where everything is in reach. It will help to keep your mind stable and focused on your work.

    1. Add personal touches

    Adding personal touch to your workplace or your desk can be really helpful. You can use your personal photographs, inspiring artwork, books, a special lamp, or a decorative accessory to help you to feel the personal touch at your workplace because sometimes it becomes very important that you don’t get too much stressed out due to work and you have these personal things to inspire you to do your best.

    1. Be a good communicator

    Poor communication skills causes confusion and therefore stress in the office. It is very important to nourish your communication skills so that you can easily make your point without creating any confusion. You also need to learn to effectively communicate your frustration or concerns. If people know their actions are causing you stress or frustration, they might be willing to change.

    1. Ignoring or handling interruptions

    Everyone have that one colleague who will not do his own work and will not let you do yours too. You need to avoid these irritating elements to get better focus and learn to handle interruptions caused by any other distractions, it also helps in decreasing stress level significantly.

    1. Improve work life balance

    Most people ignores the need of having a flexible work schedule, it is very important to have a work schedule in which you can have equal priority to your work and personal life. Telecommunicating and other remote methods are helpful in getting the job done, improving technology can help to decrease the problems like absenteeism etc.

    1. Giving your employees a voice

    Recession has caused so much insecurity among the employees about their jobs, due to which, to overcome the competition they tend to take more work, causing stress. An open communication strategy in which employees get respect and have a chance to share their ideas for improvement and growth of the company, that could become a huge step in the right direction.

    1. Take a break!!

    If you are allowed you can take a small break, listen soft music, go for a little walk. Or you can do some relaxation exercise or stretching, when feeling stressed. This is really helpful in keeping you active and interested.


    These tips can help you to improve working environment of your company, while supporting the health and well-being of your employees and the impact of this will be a positive change for your business.