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    After the first week of May 2015, loads of web masters started to scratch their heads as they have seen a massive shake up in the rankings of their websites. No one had the clear idea, what caused such enormous change in the rankings. Google also denied the reports about any “Panda Update” or “Penguin Update” or any other update likewise, causing these changes.

    But Google has a long history of algorithm updates, search index changes and refreshers that effects your page rankings in google search results. Each year, Google does change its search algorithm around 500-600 times, most of the times those are minor changes which doesn’t affect the page rankings and people don’t even recognises the difference. Occasionally, Google rolls out a ‘major’ algorithm update like “Google Panda” or “Google Penguin” which effects the search results significantly. But in the first week of May, Google secretly brought a big change in their search algorithm, due to the deniability from Google some researchers started it calling ‘Phantom Update’. Later on Google accepted the change in algorithm but Google didn’t revealed any specifics about the update. But it was stated that this update has an impact on the ‘quality signals’. This means, new algorithm will pick the pages according to the quality of content, hence, some publishers calling it “Quality Update” by Google.

    Google is not providing any other specified information regarding the update, which leaves web owners in exorbitant anguish as they have lost big percentage of web traffic on their sites. We all know, how web traffic can lift or pull down any business? They don’t know, how should they revamp their websites? This has created one of the biggest shake up in google search results history. There are also reports about some websites getting visible in top ranks overnight, which tells us about the change in algorithm by Google that has turned the table for many websites.

    The only worthy advice we can give you right now is, that all the webmasters should work on the content of the website eminently and keep their focus on overall quality, aimed at your users, because Google will continue to make changes in the algorithm to improve the quality of their search results.