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    Having an eCommerce website is one thing and getting it on top ranking is another project in itself. There is a lot of difference between general SEO strategies and eCommerce SEO strategies and must be approached differently. We will discuss some of the strategies which makes SEO on eCommerce unique.

    How to optimize a lot of Content

    Generally the main difference in an eCommerce website is presence of a lot of content. Mainly because of thousands of categories and products. Optimizing all of them can be tough and is often very time consuming.

    Category Pages And Landing Page

    Category structure is one major issue, it is very critical to put it right initially on an eCommerce website. Most times website owners ignore the importance of presenting the right category for landing page for the related keywords. Duplicate of the same category can confuse search engines and they won’t know, which to rank and your content is spread thin.

    Internal Linking & Cross Linking

    Very often it is overlooked on an eCommerce website, but reality is, it is most important. Cross linking is the practice of linking text from one page to another on your website. Search engines looks for these links and the anchor text to find which pages on your website are connected to which keywords. It is also very important to have limited link and keywords on one page otherwise it will be considered as spam and spams are not good for your website. The link we provide should help the visitor to navigate your website.

    Be One Step Ahead

    Keeping an eye on your competitor is also very important because it keeps you one step ahead of others. This business rule carries on in online marketing also, being ahead in strategies and planning is very fruitful in business prospect. Good SEO strategies can gain you high rankings in search page results and make your eCommerce website a success by bringing a lot of results.