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    Over the last few years, we have seen a rapid change in web designs in terms of creativity and all other features of the websites. We have experienced that the brilliance and  passion of the designers has taken the designing world to a whole new level. Owning a credible, professional and engaging website has become most important asset of business. There are millions of websites on internet but there are few, which stands apart from others due to their design and uniqueness, these websites deliver their purpose in a smarter way.  We have selected top 10 websites which shows us the evolution of designing world, they have got everyone’s attention and gives us the right idea about, how creative web designers could be?

    10. www.choclatemilano.it

    It’s a website owned and curated by a group of chefs based in Italy, known as Gelato Chefs. Its design takes you to the world of chocolate and as like its name the website looks ‘delicious’ and ‘sugary’ by the creativity shown by designers.


    1. 9. https://brdr-kruger.com/en

    Brdr.kruger is a website representing 125years old wooden shop produces well know Danish furniture classics. It’s a digital representation of their creative ideas for wooden furniture and equally beautiful design by the designers to show the era they come from.


    1. 8. www.ava-sessions.com

    Ava-sessions provides a whole new experience for the film Ex-machina, and artificial intelligence named Ava uses facial recognition and emotion tracking to analyse you and draws a digital portrait in real time with three dimensions and some more interesting information.

    ava 2


    1. 7. www.transedia.com

    Transedia is a native IOS and Android apps development company. Their homepage represents their capability to innovate that’s what makes them a leading app development company in USA.


    1. 6. http://kolibri-agentur.de/

    Kolibri-agentur is a german based advertising agency. Simple minimalist operation with a focus on our references and our mission statement.


    1. 5. http://brousseruddigkeit.com/

    A Berlin based design agency owned by two partners Lea Brousse and Raban Ruddigkeit .


    1. 4. https://www.operaphila.org/

    Operaphila is Philadelphia based opera house famous for its outstanding shows and recreating the magic of opera in America.


    1. 3. http://typo.polona.pl/en/

    Poland National Library website hosting literary and scientific texts, historical documents, journals, photographs, music scores, and maps. New version is based on public API, making it possible to type, share and print.


    1. 2. http://www.waseda.jp/top/en

    Waseda University’s (Japan) website is a vibrant example of digital identity of an university which is very old and world famous for its traditional way of education with the modern facilities.


    1. 1. http://revelator.com/

    Revelator is the only platform you need to run a music business. You can explore the offerings of software with animated story highlighting key features and product UI.

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    These website has set an incredible example of designing which shows us the evolution of web designing world and promises us, to get better every-day because the world of website and internet is about getting ahead and breaking the barriers.