26Mar  Ecommerce

    The foray of Alibaba, Chinese E-commerce dragon, into the American securities markets in the year 2014 is an indication of the blooming e-commerce industry across the globe!

    Well, the DotComguy predicted this long back in year 2000, in fact his yearlong stay within the four walls of his home with all the food and necessities’ delivered to his door-step via online orders made everyone take the online businesses seriously. According to a report, the value of online sales in the US will touch 350 billion in the year 2015.

    Well, that is a huge market to tap, to exploit. Is your business ready for it? Can you afford to miss a piece of that US$350 billion online market?

    The competition is stiff with companies from across the globe trying to capture this market. With improved infrastructure, communications, logistics, and technology modern business has no bounds. Companies ship products, offer customer support to any country in the world.


    To make your presence felt and to capture the growing e-commerce market you need a tool that helps you reach out to the target customers, in the target demographics, etc. In the digital age, that tool is your online store or an E-commerce website.

    E-commerce development is a tricky business; it is both an art and science. A poorly designed website can turn visitors, potential customers away, forget making a sale on the site. Designing your online store needs careful analysis of the customer buying behaviors, along with technological limitations. Here are a few tips for a perfect E-commerce Development:

    • Your online store should be user-friendly. Designing web pages, browsing, search options in a way that visitors find the product they looking for easily is an important aspect.
    • Once they find the product they wanted to buy, you need to impress them with amazing graphics in terms of the quality, and their placement on the page. A poorly designed graphic speaks negatively about the product, though; the actual product is of high quality. Well, this is packaging, One of the P’s of marketing, according to marketing guru Phillip Kotler.
    • Along with the graphic, you need to have a description for the product that persuades the visitor to take the next positive action for your product- hit the “BUY NOW” button.
    • Finally, it comes down to price; the pricing of the product is an important factor that determines whether the visitor converts to a customer. Your pricing depends on a number of factors such as procuring, logistics, etc.

    Well, for a superior online store you need expert, and experience e-commerce development specialist who understand the dynamics of online businesses and can deliver a website that does the job for you.

    Expert E-commerce web developers have all the resources and skills from programming, coding, graphic designing, copywriting, etc. Experienced and skilled E-commerce developers can help your business reach the target customers, compel them to return to your store, and persuade them to make purchases, overall they help your business scale new heights.