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    Wishing you a very Happy & Prosperous New Year!


    2014, Another year went by and we kept on growing with what we built upon in year 2013. On the eve of new year we want to take this moment to thank everyone who has been a part of this journey.

    We really feel humbled by experiencing the most innovative and successful year ever since our foundation, thanks to out customers and employees. You’ve helped us shape company’s working model and environment.

    We are specially thankful to FIDE, the governing body of Chess in the world for providing us the opportunity to work for them and organising Candidates Chess Tournament and World Chess Championship along with three other tournaments which we are most proud of.

    The year saw an expansion from web development and web designing in PHP and HTML to Android, iOS, Python, Java. We started working with Amazon AWS, SES, Rackspace and many other high end services by the time first quarter ended.

    The third quarter brought the much needed change and we were finally driving on the hot seat in service industry, it all started with an HR Software followed by a huge success of Chess7.com which gave chess players in India and around the world a single platform for all of chess. By the end of November we started working on another project codenamed “Collab” which is touted as second most anticipated product of the year in the company, the first remains a secret.

    We have proudly worked on an astonishing number of projects this year, which is even harder to count with all the fingers on the hand of our employees. We had already finished more than 10 projects by the end of the first month, no doubt it was in a continuation to December.

    The months went by and we kept on experimenting with our roles…Designers spent hours creating mockups and UIs, Developers kept on hacking things to create and learn and give our customers the best possible services.

    We would also like to specially thank Cook Gourmet, IEEOnline, Lotus Greens, India Picture, Home Rentalss, Gold VIP, Dexter, Mahogany, All India Chess Federation, Delhi Chess Association, India Homes,SIFS for a staggering partnership.

    We wish that our partnership starts to cherish at double pace in this year of evolution, We love you.

    Thank You!
    The Team
    Guru iNfoways (P) Ltd.