It is sometimes tough to keep up with everything for the web designers that will help them do their task in a better way. We took some time off working on a list of tools that will help web designers work on the sites in a better way.

    10 must have tools for web designers

    1. InVision

    This is a mockup design prototyping tool that gives life to your designs which helps your teammates interact with and give feedback to your work. InVision helps you build and cultivate association, design, review, user-test a product before writing a single line of code

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    2. CodeKit

    CodeKit, a software that builds HTML, CSS and JavaScript for sites. It compiles Sass, Less, Haml, Markdown, CoffeeScript and some others that allows you to enlarge your site in what language it is more productive.

    $29, Free Trial - Download Here

    3. Webflow

    Webflow is a platform that paves the way for the designers to create responsive websites that are available visually without writing any code. A great solution for the web designers who don’t want to code the entire site.

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    4. Palettab

    Sometimes it so happens that you fall short on fonts and colour inspiration, Palettab is the chrome extension for you. Each and every time you release a new tab, you will get a colour palette from COLOURlovers and Google Fonts will provide you with new ideas.

    Free, Chrome App - Download Here

    5. FormKeep

    FormKeep are endpoints from web designers and developers with the absence of iFrames, JavaScript embeds or CSS overrides. It creates a URL for your endpoint that you can plug into your existing code to install.

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    6. Pleeease

    This is a CSS post-processor that shortens the use of pre-processors and maintains stylesheets in an easier and smaller way. It adds prefixes, gives fallbacks for rem units, adds an opacity filter for IE8 and also many more.

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    7. BareKit

    It is a front-end project starter that is much of a structural guide and a beginning point than a fully framed framework. It doesn’t hinder your custom styles and scripts but consists of enough functionality to get you started.

    Free - Download Here

    8. Face Detection

    This plugin works with images, video and canvases. It has numerous settings that is of interval, confidence level and many more and returns a varied range of parameters for each face detected.

    Free - Download Here

    9. Themosis

    Themosis is a skeleton which can be used for building websites and applications with WordPress. It comprises a fine-tuned routing for managing WordPress behaviours, template engines and many more.

    Free - Get the framework

    10. Google Inbox

    Google presents a new email platform that includes more than just emailing with engross bundled messages, promos, purchases, custom bundles and reminders.

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