WordPress 4.0 is now in the market and has now come up with significant update in years. Changes are made in UI, enhancements to the writing experience and some fascinating additions that hint at what will come in future. Here it goes.


    Experience in Writing - WordPress has hugely improved the writing experience. A dashboard has now been sticked in the header and footer for which you don’t need to scroll up and down to reach formatting options or look into word count.

    Media Management- WordPress 4.0 has also improved the Media Management. You just need to browse the Media Library and see an improved grid of thumbnails. With just a click on the thumbnail you can view a detailed shot and check through the uploaded media, one item at a time. If a video uploaded, you can watch it in dashboard.

    Global Installation- Language is the important option to select for installation. Till now the steps of installation has been available in US-English. Addition of numerous other languages lowered the barrier of entry for non-english speakers.

    Plugin Discovery- Another revision in WordPress 4.0 is the new way of browsing plugins. The new version maintains the old option of searching also there are a number of additions implemented to lessen your search of known solutions.

    Customizer- 4.0 version of Customizer is the introduction of customizer elements which allows theme and plugin developers to improve the UI of their products by adding related elements together. The idea behind it is greater control, simpler and easier to understand UIs for any themes or plugins that use customizer.

    WordPress 4.0 offers something for all – be it the content authors who get a better writing experience, developers get a more advanced UI and a good chance for their products to be explored and utilized by the WordPress community.