05Nov  web design

    Beginner in web designing? To get your website made, there’s a lot of stuffs that you have to kind in mind. Here are some tips that you are to go through. Kudos to drench-design for designing this Graphic.


    To decide about the type of website- Before getting started you should know about what kind of website you want. Is it a blog, a portfolio or business organization? You should have a clear vision about the final output before start making website.

    Choose who is going to do the work- Will you make the website or someone will be hired? Think about this properly because there are many pros and cons no matter what you choose.

    Decide on where your website to be built on- In the beginning of the process you need to decide on where you want to built on website on. There are many sites where you can free and paid themes. If not sure then talk to other designers and then decide.

    Define your audience- Before getting started you are to decide about your target audience. Now the trend is all about mixed audience, so it is better to keep it clean and simple in order to make it more appealing.

    Choose your content- You should make your decision about the content that it will be and make a good image of it. After the content is decided, the designer can start focusing on the visuals.

    Picture of the design- Create a design that is pleasing and gives your message clearly. Take some time to find out what feels right and then approve it.

    Smaller designing elements- It’s time to work carefully on the smaller elements of a bigger picture. Try to keep it uncomplicated and avoid mixing too many fonts, colours and styles as this gives a more messed up impression.

    Be curious of things that you can’t do- It is important for designers to have a nose for new things. Try to find out the things that you can’t do and work on it. In future it will surely give good results.

    SEO- SEO part of your design is more important now-a-days. So it is important to keep some things in mind about why SEO is so essential.

    Be accessible- It is advisable to have one contact available rather than too much of options to reach out to you. Because people now don’t prefer to search too much in your website to contact you.