1. Jonathan Ive

    Jonathan Ive

    Being Apple’s Vice President of the Design Department, Jonathan Ive has come a long way ahead with his designs that are creative both in the functional and outlook aspects. Earlier, Ive’s genre was concerned only with the hardware but with the latest iOS 7, it has been extended to the software genre too. The Apple CEO Tim Cook considers Ive as one of the greatest assets for the Apple Companybecause of his starker and ultra-modern designs catering perfectly to Apple’s brand name.

    1. Loren Brichter

    loren_brichter (1)

    At the age of 28, Loren Brichter’s association with the Apple Company has proved to be a great collaboration for both of them. An innovative app builder, Brichter is the mind behind the twitter client – Tweetie which is also considered as one of the best and the official iOS twitter apps ever developed till date. Not only that, the iOS tricks like the cell swipe, refreshing touch screen by pull down, and the letter game – Letterpress are also his notable inventions.

    1. Jean- Marc Denis


    Jean-Marc Denis has been a user experience designer and is currently working with Google. Being an iOS expert now, Jean looks back and recollects how he had learned Photoshop through books and video tutorials. He has been Sparrow’s Graphic Designer which is an email app used by millions of MAC users. Starting off young by opening his own website design company at the age of 18, he even zeroed-in on the best icon design by getting maximum votes on Dribble.

    1. Yves Behar


    The Swiss-designer, Yves Behar, has founded the Fuse project which is one of the leading industrial design firms that specializes in developing brand names and products for its clients. Yves climbed the success ladder while working on Ouya – the Android-based video game system. His association with One Laptop Per Child Program has helped him create a positive social impact with the $100 ‘XO’ laptops. This entrepreneur has also designed the iconic sixth Jawbone headset. An award winning designer, Yves is certainly an inspiration for the youth.

    1. Tony Fadell


    When you hear the name Tony Fadell, the first thing that comes to your mind is the “Father of the iPod and the iPhone” as he was the genius behind developing its first prototype. Being hailed as the creator of the first 18 generations of iPod and first 3 generations of iPhone, this man certainly needs no further introduction. Although, he has worked as the senior Vice President of the iPod division in his earlier years, he is now the CEO and founder of Nest.

    1. Jason Wilson

    Jason Wilson

    Jason Wilson is the Lead Product Designer of Pinterest and has been working on redesigning it in order to give you an insight through his own eyes. A graduate from the Southern University of California, he has worked with some of the biggest companies like Facebook, Apple, RIM, and a lot more. More inclined towards software for web, he has developed the iPad application too. He also loves photography on the personal front and holds about 4 patents to his name.

    1. Mari Sheibley


    Mari Sheibley is a popular graphic designer who has worked with Foursquare previously as one of its first designer. The social check-in and the local discovery app are her creations. Also, the creative badges and logos that are received during your check-ins are her ideas. She describes her journey o being associated with Foursquare as something that she will always carry with her in her life. She has also designed eye-catching logos for several start-ups and even for the Brewster app.

    1. PhillipeStarck

    Philippe Starck

    Phillipe Starck is one of the designers whose forte particularly lies in designing durable consumer gadgets but has also lend his creativity in designing home décor furniture, lightings, and even watches. Hailed as an architect, designer, and creator, Starck is a distinguished name in his field. He has also been a designer of Parrot Zik Headphones and now is working at a residential interior design firm named Yoo. He has also worked with LaCie to develop hard drives for them.

    1. Danny Trinh


    Danny Trinh is the man behind the social app- Path for mobile only and its success has already been determined by the network of 10 million users already using it. Before his success at Path, he has also worked at Digg. This leading product designer has added a lot onto his kitty with such remarkable ideas. Facebook also tried to imitate a lot of Trinh’s idea into their own social networking app. Trinh is already one of the best product designers in the world.

    10. Joe Belfiore

    Satya Nadella Delivers Opening Keynote At Microsoft Build Conference

    Joe Belifore is the mind behind the software for the Windows phone which has been welcomed very positively worldwide. Considered as one of the best mobile operating systems, even the design and the outlook is very remarkable.He is the Corporate Vice President and Manager for the Windows Phone of Microsoft. If you have been addicted to the treasure hunt game “The Game” which lasts for about 24-48 hours, then you must be knowing that Joe Belifore was the man behind it.

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