30Oct  web design

    art1 Graphic designing is a booming field which requires designing skills, training and a variety of tools to create miraculous banners and images. The great news is that there have been hundreds of helpful, highly featured and designer tools that can be used at its best interest whenever you create an art project. Enlisted below are some of the most constructive tools: phatch 

    1. Phatch- This tool is a very and easy-to-use tool that can be advantageous for you at different levels. Phatch is a very helpful to edit digital images. The editing tool is characterized with features like- colouring the image, mirror it, can rotate and rename it, addition and removal of shadows, adding texts and personalize them in the way you want to do it possibly. Also the tool is versatile enough to work with the operating systems available now-a-days.


    2. FontForge- This tool is slightly more complicated than the above mentioned tool but at the same time this is a good software for graphic designing. This tool is more into text-orientation and it creates wonderful written masterpieces within fraction of seconds. If you want to personalize the texts you can positively do that and stand out from the crowd. Create your dream texts with the tool.


    3. Dark Table- Dark Table is more image-oriented and you can master in digital images in any way you want to create. You can adjust the image, crop and rotate it, adjust the temperature levels and correct the exposure levels and many more. This graphic designing tool is free to use and can create great pictures without taking much trouble.


    4. The Colour Scheme Generator- This tool helps you work with colour codes and work with a complex graphic design project where a strong colour scheme is required. The usage of the tool is very simple and is designed to complete a colour scheme based on the features of a particular image.


    5. Gpick- Gpick action at the colours in a picture- You can import and export colours, can mix and over sample the colours as you like. Talented people who have an eye for colours should definitely go for Gpick.