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    Briefing a team for a new design is the most challenging and complex task for a manager. The person briefing must make sure that he/she covers all the points without making it too lengthy. It can often act seem difficult in coming up with the key elements that are to be delivered in a session on briefing the designers about the designs to be made.  Sometimes, the client is found to be over loading the designer with extra information which leads the designer into a state of confusion.  The only thing that matters for the designer is what has to go into the art work and hence the person briefing must make sure that only those information is passed on during such sessions.

    As a designer, it is our responsibility to listen to all that is being told by the client but absorb only the useful matter and work on them to create a master piece. Below given are the most common mistakes committed and solutions to overcome them –

    Understand the audience targeted through the designs


    This is first basic homework that any designer must do before deciding upon the kind of designs to be made. It is important to understand the nature of the company and what kind of audience will be viewing the designs and thus the arts have to be created accordingly so that they seem relevant and are appealing to the viewer. Understand the company’s business and background. Also, understand the audience’s interests, tastes, likes, and dislikes.

    Work in accordance with the style preferences of the company


    This is one major issue found in poor briefing sessions. It often happens that the company is expecting one thing and designs delivered portray another thing. Thus, it is the duty of both the company as well as the designer to communicate properly so that the right information is passed. The company must make sure that they give in all details and the designer must make sure that he/she is working accordingly. It is often observed that company wishes to have its designs matching their logo colors and styles. Thus, the designer should have all the knowledge about those specifications.

    Ask whenever and wherever needed


    A new designing contract excites all designers. But, before indulging into the art work, understand what you have to make. Designing before understanding all the details is one of the major pitfalls for any designer. This not only wastes the designer’s time and efforts but might as well leave a wrong impression on the clients. Thus, it is suggested to clarify all doubts beforehand. It is also advised to go through the briefing again and again at every step to meet all the requirements of the client.


    Designing is an art in itself and to get the art right, it is very important to understand the requirements and the styles of work needed. The priorities of a designer should be- get the work, frame a style based on requirements, get onto work! Asking lot of questions may annoy the client initially but is going to fade off as soon as they see the amazing work.

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