13Sep  web design

    We have entered into the new world of wed designing and development. Web designers enjoyed the edition of last year which included a lot of new ideas. Although some designers could not cope up with this but some made a permanent impact on others.

    What’s new for the year 2014 for the designers? Let us start with it-

    Flat Design thrives

    It is the minimal design on the steroids by following the simple funda of keeping it simple, clean, bright muted colours, typography, simple user interface and modern. This is one of the impressive trend for 2014.


    Source: Yootheme

    Responsive is must

    Responsive Web Design is an approach towards developing a website design in a manner where the layout gets changed according to the users screen resolution, platform and orientation. The technology includes a mixture of flexible grids and layouts, images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries.



    Websites showcase better images

    Designers how much better they give images but it has an issue always on the part of the clients. This year has provided the designers with better quality, more creative and unique images. It has become possible for low prices, faster speed and access to images from everywhere.



    Parallax websites grow in popularity

    Gone are the days when the designers used to depend upon 960 pixel website that worked on IE6. 2014 Parallax designs grab them easily with strong images and creative typography.



    Infographics is still the best way of representing data

    Being eye-catchy and without cost, they provide a lot more information in a small space. Infographics are liked by the end-users for the reason that- they are eccentric, merge with typography, bold schemes and gives a shape they way which the viewers machinations.



    Typography still in focus

    2014 welcomes typography in a new style. The mobile apps in which we all are used to has given an exposure to us in different types of typography and it plays an important role in our font usage anticipation.



    Websites simply and focus on content

    Websites heavy with content is still favoured by the users. This uncomplicated and fresh approach makes the content get attracted and the design to execute its role to grab the eyeballs of the consumers.



    Short presentation videos re-emerge

    Vine explosion in 2014 has re-emerged in presentation. People are likely to accept and plagued with the six seconds video rather than thirty minutes.



    Newsletter designs continue to improve

    In 2014 newsletters are introduced in a more inventive manner. Reaching out your potential customers through e-mail marketing is still the innovative way and the new-face of newsletters keep glued the attention of consumers in your content.



    Fixed navigation gets lots of love

    2014 brings the navigation bar available all the time. If the content is heavy in the website, it is advisable to fix its position which will be a coherent approach.


    Source: Myntra

    These design mantras have been the top followed techniques that every web design company in Delhi have implemented in order to gain the fame they have earned until now.