27Aug  web design

    Starting of a project is something hard. You will initiate it with an idea in your mind and you will think of making it become successful. A mock up is a stagnant design that is created to give your client an overall feeling of their new website and how it looks. Website mock up is a great way of approval of your website design from your clients or customers. Involvement of various things in a website and each one being different, it becomes difficult on the part of our clients to decide that what will be the ultimate look of the website. The ultimate solution of this problem is mock up which means a model of the sight.

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    Mock ups are usually the first step and they are more focused on functionality but it is a former step to design because it can help taking design decisions of the front end. For instance, you can decide if certain elements will be visible all the time, they will be in scrolled/rolled menus or they will be in popup windows.

    A mock up should be somewhat that includes links, work, pictures and texts are finally included so that our client will be able to decide on early what are the things that needs to be done in the project and what not. If the clients want to make any changes in it then they can very early suggest about it so that it can save the time and energy and money. Mock up starts with the process of a conversation between the client and the project manager.

    Mock ups are just a collection of fake windows in which you have to draw the containers of information and the controls. Although there’s no code behind that, you can simulate the navigation workflow. This process is useful in managing time and resources and assures our customer’s satisfaction which is what all needed.

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