Emailing continues to be one of the most popular ways through which the companies interact with the consumers. In the design world, designing an email will have a tremendous impact on things like the click rate and the retention of your subscribers. If the companies offer their readers great value through their emails then they would happily reciprocate by taking time to read and to click on any

    Tips for successful email design-

    Keep it simple- Firstly the design of the template should be simple. It should not be ambiguous and confusing for the readers. The design is used to enhance your message rather than distracting your readers. Otherwise the message will likelier be deleted or marked as junk.

    Follow conventional pattern- This is the time when following conventional pattern helps you out rather than trying unexpected things. While designing it is important to make it big so that it is easily clickable and give tappable buttons for the link.

    Keep it engaging- It is useable to use smaller and bite-size chunks of information to summarize long articles with links to view the full part. Creating rational imagery to allow subscribers to quickly view and consume information and facts being proposed or communicated.

    Use right number of images in right size- Smaller image files can speak better than bigger ones. It is just that large images takes much time to get downloaded and making less chances of your campaigns to be successful. This is increase readers engagement and stay out of spam folders.

    Grab the attention- Design your template in a way that the important things comes first and later on include the longer content. In this way you can make your subscriber look through the longer contents but without making the work boring.

    Be short- People want to read less now-a-days. So in this case it is suggested to be direct like use “Buy Now” instead of “Submit”, use “Register Today” instead of “Click Here.”

    Limit the number of choices- Providing excess of choices in the email will overburden your subscriber. Give the minimum requirement of details for a person to go to your site and end up in a decision. If you give them too much task in the beginning they will abandon the task.

    There are so many things to consider while designing a template. Keeping the things in mind will surely help you with your email click rate.

    If you have a business and are planning to run an email campaign soon, you can contact a freelancer or a web designing company in Delhi and get yourself a cool email template that can attract you customer.