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    Hello folks! We are back with a list of what’s new this year. Whether you’re a budding designer or an eager client, these should help you keep yourself up to date with newer technology. Here we go then!



    Inbox is a new email app that plans to completely re-think the way you think of e-mail, by going beyond the limits of established companies. You can sign up or run it yourself.


    Format is a newer, better portfolio host for the creative in you. There are multiple themes available.


    Slight is a free anonymous chat app for iOS that allows you to chat with everyone in your immediate proximity (like a room).


    Base is a simple responsive framework that’s fast and lightweight. It’s built on Normalize.css and includes styles for typography, lists, tables, blockquotes, forms, and more.


    Sitedrop teams up with Dropbox to visually share data. Just choose the folder you want to turn to Sitedrop and then you can gather feedback, receive files, and manage everything from your desktop.

    Crafted by Love

    Crafted by Love is a house of exquisite website designs, explained by category. It includes agency sites, blogs, event sites, news sites, and much more.


    CodeSnip.it is a free code snippet tool with free, private storage. It includes a search function so you can quickly find what you need, plus syntax highlighting.

    Name Mesh

    Name Mesh is a domain name search tool that includes over six million words and over 20 generators. You can search the commonest TLDs or new GTLDs, look for complicate domains that mix words, create short domains, and more.

    Kuoto Swiss

    Kuoto Swiss is a complete CSS framework and toolbox for Stylus. Extremely easy and brilliantly helpful.


    Forrst has transformed itself majorly, and is now known as Tavern, currently only a private release though. The site is dedicated to product design, and gives designers a place to be heard, give and receive opinions, and share your experiences.


    Teleport is a “search engine for digital nomads”,  that insightfully informs creative how a relocation would affect their income. It will include info on both relative incomes and expenses in various cities when it’s released.


    Meeet aims to bring together designers and developers who can help each other complete side projects. You can list your own idea or find one to collaborate on.


    Cardboard-this one’s a genius.  A uncomplicated virtual reality project from Google that allows you to transform your smartphone into a VR headset using a no-frills enclosure.


    Odyssey is a cozy platform for journalists, designers, and other creatively-minded folks  to craft interactive stories that engage with audiences.  All you do is pick a template.

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