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    We are aware of the facts that mobile market is on the rise in the global market and its reshaping the way we interact with each other. Today mobile traffic makes up 10% of overall global internet market. Yet many businesses do not optimize their website for mobile viewing which leaves the visitor with tricky navigation and slow loading pages. A survey done by Google in 2011 shows that only 21% businesses launched a mobile friendly website.

    As online advertising has taken the world by storm and internet has emerged as a new platform for marketing products and services, it is must for every business to have website designed for both desktop and mobile viewing. We are also seeing the emergence of ecommerce, companies today are making big bucks using this platform. If you are in the business of ecommerce then you must have a website that is mobile compatible as according to a survey 74% of adults use their mobile phones for shopping online.

    Some stand out facts:-

    • Ø 6 billion mobile subscribers worldwide
    • Ø Which equals 87% of the world’s population
    • Ø China and India itself account for 30% of this growth
    • Ø Over 300,000 apps have been developed in past 3 years
    • Ø 1.2 billion mobile web user worldwide

    Some key advantages of having a mobile compatible website:-

    • Immediacy. A mobile website is instantly available to users via a browser across a wide range devices like Android, iPhone, Blackberry etc.
    • Compatibility. A single mobile website can reach users across many different types of mobile devices.
    • Reach. As mobile website is easily accessible across different platform and also can be shared among people and search engine, it has a broader reach as compared to desktops.
    • Time and Cost. Last but not the least mobile website development is very time and cost effective as compared to the traditional one.

    Mobile is the Future:-

    Looking at the current pace at which the mobile internet users are growing it seems that mobile holds the future of the web. Researchers have predicted that till 2015 there will be more mobile internet user than desktop internet users. These facts clearly shows that the future of search on internet is mobile phones. The numbers are growing fast, mindset of people are changing, so who are you waiting for? Get a website that is compatible to the device which has more than 6 billion subscribers and growing……

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