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    Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing DelhiThe term ‘Marketing’ has evolved drastically in recent past. One can say that marketing is a way companies interact with the consumer to establish a relationship which is beneficial to both the parties in long run. Earlier different mediums were used by the company to sell their product which included Television, Radio, Newspaper, Big Banners etc. These mediums are still very much in use but there is one thing that has taken the world by storm is the origin of Internet Marketing.

    Companies are now targeting social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin etc. on internet to grow their business. If we go by the stats then Facebook has over 1 billion users, Twitter has 500 million users and Linkdin has over 200 million users.

    What the Statistics shows?

    An online survey shows that 75% of B2B companies are using Facebook for marketing their product. 58% of all Facebook users return to website daily and there are around 500+ million likes on Facebook everyday with 250 photos added every day. Stats also show that an average Facebook user spends 6.5 hours monthly. 57% of businesses got customers by placing ad on Linkdin and 66% people who follow a brand on Twitter purchase their product. Also one million new accounts are added to twitter daily. Around 66% increased their search engine ranking via social media. It is also learned that 20% of visitors on biz sites are from social media and 67%of people like biz sites for coupons. 28% of companies share various deals through social media. These facts show that marketing via social media has not only taken the world by storm but it has also revolutionized the way of marketing.

    Some Salient Features of Social Media Marketing

    • It’s much cheaper as compared to other form of marketing like Television ad and Print ad.
    • Marketing via Social media reach much more potential customers as millions and billions of social media users like, comment, follow and post reviews about the product.
    • Social media has made it much easier for a company to understand their customers. We see Facebook has capabilities for questionnaire, polls and more.
    • Social media has become a testing ground for new product ideas as customers are always ready and eager to have their say on social networking websites.
    • It is also easy to promote a new product, contest, special offers and sales.
    • One can also build a network of supporters on social media which is very important for any new upcoming business.
    • Social media is a good tool when it comes to increasing your search engine ranking as a high ranking in the search engine will give your website more visibility and online exposure.

    Social Media Need of the Hour?

    Social media is really the need of the hour it’s the next big thing that has happened in the world of marketing. Today social media is not a mere tool for connecting to your relatives and friends it’s much more than that. One can keep track of all the conversation happening in the online world. Companies can use social media to improve their product and know their customers in a better way by getting their feedback. Social media marketing has changed many destinies and it’s still growing and changing the marketing strategy. And if your marketing plan doesn’t include social media then it’s time you must think about it.

    “Social media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide you” – Matt Goulart.