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    One of the Internet’s strengths is its ability to help consumers
    find the right needle in a digital haystack of data. ~ Jared Sandberg

    There are several ways to increase your website traffic. Some costs you high and some nothing. Below you will find the ways to get traffic from free to cost to boost up your visitors on your business website. But If you cannot space some money on this, so our free suggested ways!

    Steps to Increase website Ranking

    1. Search engine optimization is about ways to get your website to the top of search engines. This cannot be stressed enough. You can do this by generating useful content like articles and blogs, by social networking and the development of multimedia. This sounds easy but it’s a lot of hard work. Still, you can also strategically spread your content in different websites while keeping your target niche in mind.
    2. After on-page optimization, you can go build your back links to your site.
      With backlinks, search engines will directly index your websites after finding the links. No need to submit your website to the search engines themselves. Your backlinks will do the work for you.
    3. This cannot be done without a little effort though; there are companies out there on the Web that could do the hard stuff for you at a reasonable price.

    Improve your presence on Internet

    1. Offer free, original, and quality content on your site. This is the most effective means for increasing traffic to a website; offering people something that they cannot obtain elsewhere, or at least, not to the level of quality that you are offering it. Ways in which to ensure that your content is of higher quality than competitors.
    2. Try to get more back links on your website this may help to increase the traffic.
    3. Improve your search engine ranking by focusing your content on keywords related to your topic.
    4. Linking: This is the most important part of website management. Exchange links, Trading links with other websites that are closely related to the subject of your website can bring you more website traffic.
    5. Advertisement of your presence:
      Submit in web directories, Newspapers, Yellowpages, magazines etc.
    6. Give freebies:- E Book, Free Online Seminars, Free Softwares to download, Free startup package for a trial period etc.
    7. Be Patient and Calm: Search engines takes a lot of time to crawl your website and index a new domain or website.
    8. Stay connected on Social networks by creating group, pages, facebook, twitter etc.

    Warnings for Website Owners

    • Never, ever SPAM. Your credibility will be gone before you know it, and with it will go your traffic.
    • Don’t get caught up with website generators and internet tricks. All these “black hat” tricks will only work temporarily. Your business needs to be set up for the long term.
    • Do not be fooled by those traffic sellers promising thousands of hits an hour. What they really do is load up your URL in a program, along with a list of proxies. Then they run the program for a few hours. It looks like someone is on your site because your logs show visitors from thousands of different IPs. What happens in reality is your website is just pinged by the proxy, no one really sees your site. It is a waste of money.